Friday, March 28, 2008

"Roni" the polite

Sometimes I call Cameron "Cameroni" and from that has stemmed "Roni" and on seldom occasion even "Cameronian" Sometimes I call Rowan "Rowan baboan" But I didn't like that so much so I just started calling her "Rowan Pie" Because she is sweet as pie, that one seemed to stick.

Well my Little "Roni" Went to pre-school/daycare on base today. I let her go a few times a month. I have to tell them when I get there that she is still (unfortunately) in diapers, because all the other kids in her age group are out of diapers or at least in pull ups. So when I went to pick her up I asked the teacher how Cameron was, and she says "she is a little antsy" "she's a handful isn't she" and my reply is yes she is. Then she goes on to tell me "well now... she (Cameron) came up to me and asked me (the teacher) to "please change her diaper" then the teachers eyes bugged way out and she says jokingly "oh no! if she can ask me to please change her diaper then she can go on the potty" "Then she says at least she was polite". So now I know I can teach her to be polite but she is still not going to go on the potty until she darn well feels like it. Later when we were driving home Cameron tells me "That lady changed my diaper and, and she put gloves on" and I thought to myself I don't blame her"

Thursday, March 27, 2008

"Bugs" and "Knee pits"

Cameron frequently tells me she has a bug in her diaper or on her arm, really meaning she has an itch. I guess that's just a 3 year olds far more interesting way to say she's itchy. Unfortunately for her she has inherited her mommies itchy dry skin, except she has it even worse (poor girl.) her eczema is acting up again. well what can I do but slather her in Aveeno after her baths, but even that doesn't completely clear it up. I have yet to find something that actually does. Any suggestions anyone? And on the subject of interesting ways to say things. I can't remember how this came up but she calls the spot behind her knee, a "knee pit" like arm pit but different. I thought that was pretty funny. I just love the things a 3 year old comes up with. why can't I get my mind to think like that more often, but then again who need to think like that when you have Cameron. I sure wish Nick was here to see all these wonderful and interesting things our children do and say.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter at the farm

For the second year we spent Easter at our friends goat farm with people from our church. We enjoyed a delicious pot luck style dinner, and a big easter egg hunt for the kids. I can't help but remember our last snowy easter (yep, a snowy texas Easter.) It was pretty amazing really. The last time it had snowed in April in Texas was 60 years ago. This year was acctualy pretty warm. We brought our neighbor kids along with us since there mom had to work.

I also have recently started watching the neighbor boys we brought with us to the goat farm, on sundays or saturdays. I'm not usually one for watching other peoples kids. But they are just so sweet and Cameron loves them, I addmit, it also keeps Cameron out of my hair for the day, so It works out for everyone.

Cameron, Caden, and Jansen or "The boys" as Cameron calls them

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Home improvement

Lately I have been trying to do some sort of home improvement project every time we get paid, weather it is just working on organization inside the house of fixing up the garden outside. So I finally got around to fixing up the flower bed in the front yard with the help of my brother of course, and Now I'm fixing on staining and sealing the fence this week, again with the help of my brother as well. Since owning our first home the list of improvements seems never ending especially since it was a brand new home, It needed a bit of character. The improvements are very gratifying though. I already have the next biggest project lined up for the near future as well...wood floors in the downstairs, I can't wait for that one! I'm thinking of doing some sort of garden in the back yard, But I'm a little scared to go tearing up the lawn, since Ive never really made a garden, and I don't know how it will come out. I have a few Ideas though. I guess I'll just have to do it and find out what happens
I Put a little work bench together for nick

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Busy, Busy

Well, life seems to be carrying me along these day's at a very fast pace. I rarely even have a minute to stop and just sit for a moment. As I write this I am even thinking of all the things I should be doing rather than writing this, but this is the more relaxing of my choices. So for tonight, Blogging it is! So my friend and I made the most delicious enchalidas and spanish rice this evening from scratch, yum, I am stuffed. Unfortunatly she leaves tomorrow for north carolina, we've had fun. This weeks been filled with cooking, play groups, library trips, and even a weekend getaway to the texas coast (corpus christi) for an aquarium trip. I think I might need a vacation after my little vacation. Oh and my little Rowan is nearly crawling. She get's up and moves her knees a little bit but is still trying to learn to coordinate her legs and arms together, I'm sure that will come before I know it. Cameron is getting closer and closer to potty training. This week she even went poop on the toilet, all by herself while I was busy doing something elts, I noticed the toilet paper still stuck between her buns and was delighted to see that she could really do it if she wanted to, and to think that all I had to do was stop trying to get her to go on the toilet, If only every lesson was that easy. Hopefully she keeps it up. Well it's back to cleaning the days neverending dishes, and toy mess.