Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Baby Slings

I love baby wraps and slings. Especially since my Little Rowan is only 11 months and her favorite place to be right now is in my arms. Rockin baby slings have some pretty stylish slings, that suit my taste quite nice.

Monday, July 14, 2008

The good and the bad

Well I didn't make it through that day, I ended up taking myself to the ER. The intense headache along with the 103 fever was just to much for me! A very long wait was followed by two shots in the buttocks for nausea and headache and some Tylenol for the fever. After About 6 hours in the ER I finally went home with a prescription of Antibiotics for a sinus infection, which I am pretty certain I don't have. So as of now I am still fighting off constant fevers. I'll be going to my regular doctor tomorrow to hopefully get some answers.

Here are some better things to think about.

Nick got Internet in his room and I was finally able to see his face while we talked. It is so fun to be able to chat with him more often and for him to be able to see me and the girls.

Me and Cameron make a pair of pretty cool cats!

Couldn't resist the naked baby again. She takes her
diaper off any chance she can get.
Cameron Loves soy beans. She ate that whole bowl, and had a good time making a "mountain" out of the pea pods.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sick again

We are all sick. I'm the worse though. It started last Wednesday. I got a bad fever that Night, the kind where you feel like you are freezing, even though its actually hot, and your body just hurts so bad. So I took one of Nicks 800mil ibuprofen. Which eventually got the fever down. Then Cameron started getting fevers the next day. I wake up in the morning and Begin to get a fever , I hopefully take something before it hurts to bad then the fever is slow to come back but surely enough, by the evening I start feeling feverish again and I have to take another Ibuprofen. I am going on the 5th day of this. Today I woke with a real bad fever and an even worse headache, It was so bad I almost took myself to the hospital, but once the Ibuprofen kicked in I began thinking I could handle it until tomorrow when I could get to my doctors office. Did I mention I also have a real bad sore throat? Cameron's Fevers seemed to have stopped yesterday then Rowan woke last night with a fever. It pretty much sucks to be sick especially when I have two kids to take care of by myself. hopefully these fevers stop soon.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Making it all work

I worked out with my personal trainer the last two days in a row. I am so sore! I am sore in places I have never been sore before. It really makes me feel out of shape, but good to to be working on getting back in shape. In a strange way It feels good to be sore, I suppose because It makes me feel accomplished. When I work out I get to drop the kids off in the kids club right there in the gym, It's kind of like mama time. The down side to it is that the moment I set Rowan down she cries and looks at me like she's begging me not to go, then cries for about 30 to 40 minutes until they decide to call me in to take her. And of course the moment I pick her back up she stops crying. Rowan is soooo attached to me, I cant even go to the bathroom without her crying or following me in. It makes me feel very loved by her, however I would just love to at least get a good hour workout, before being called back. I wonder how I can help her be okay without me for just a little. I guess she just needs a little more time to work on it.

Here are some things to be grateful about:

Cameron is finally, completely Potty trained, she's even dry through the night,
Nick get's his leave sometime in August which is next month!
I have some pretty cool friends, And am still meeting and connecting with new people all the time,

So there is much to be grateful for!