Thursday, May 15, 2008

Eat, drink, and be merry

It was such a nice warm day today. I shopped around for a bridal shower present for my sister today, which was pretty fun, especially the going out to eat part of it and drinking a delicious ale, house brewed and all. followed by a great evening of barbecued fish at the formal dining table with the whole family (almost.) And a good pino grigio. Hogue was the name, and pretty reasonably priced (I'm a bit cheap on my wine selections.) I am really starting to branch out in my wine drinking. I pretty much used to only like drinking a red wine, usually a cab or a Merlot, but I have decided to just start experimenting with whites lately, and I have found a whole new world of delicious wine. I should have tried that a long time ago. And I just have to say also that Cameron has been so sweet and agreeable for the past few days. So today has definitely been good, so I will go sleep for tonight with a smile on my face.


My charming little Cameron just told me "mama your like a Queen"

On a not so charming day last week we went to the zoo which was pretty fun except for having to leave early due to Camerons unwillingness to listen to almost every instruction I gave her, I just wish we didnt have those kind of days when we are doing fun things like that, oh well I guess thats the way it goes sometimes. but here are some fun pics I got before We left.

Camerons new and improved "listening ears"

Me Rowan and a camel. Aaron Insisted I take a pic with the camel for nick, (like he dosent already see enough camels)
Heres what the tigers were doing at the zoo when we arrived

Sunday, May 11, 2008

It's good to be a mommy

I went to church in the Boise hills, I had some yummy Thai food, and when I got home Cameron and Providence played very nicely in the bath for at least two hours while Rowan napped the whole time, so Today was a pretty good mothers day. My babies are the best!! Its good to be a mother. Now if I could just convince Nick to let me be a mother one more time, hmmmm.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Not a dull moment

I haven't blogged for a while now. I have just been busy with all my visiting. So here's whats been going on. I finally found a curtain that covers my back door before I left for my travels, I guess that may not be to exciting to most people but I am really excited about it since I have been looking around for the right one for nearly two years. I took the girls to a military children's fair also before we left Texas. Cameron enjoyed riding a horse, Petting farm animals, and jumping in a inflatable jumper, Rowan enjoyed hanging out in her stroller and eating pizza crust. And since we have been away from home. Cameron has played games with her cousin Amelia, and spent lots of cuddle time with grandma and grandpa in Oregon. Since we have been in Idaho it's been non stop excitement with her many cousins here, having tea time, fun in the sprinklers, and story time at the library, and Rowan is enjoying some of her first real play time with little Joy who is only 11 days older, they look so cute together! I still have much much more planned for the rest of the month, there wont be a dull moment.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Off again

So here I am In Oregon for about the next hour or so, then I am off for Idaho, until the 13th then back to Oregon again. I keep meaning to write a little something but, you know how it goes when your out of town. Cameron has been slacking on her potty training a bit since we got here, but I think that has to do being away from home. It was my little nieces Birthday party today and It was My sister Jill's birthday April 30th, and my Birthday is the 12 of May. So this trip is packed full of birthdays, weddings, wedding showers, and just family and friend visits. Well I better Get to loading up my car if I plan on getting out of here by 5:00 o'clock.