Friday, April 30, 2010

Were still here.

It's been far to long since I have blogged here. Does anybody even read this thing? we'll I like to write here anyhow. We are still Living at my mom and dads house here in colorful Portland Or. but the good news is that We sold our house in Killeen TX, So Life is no longer in Limbo, lol, we have options! isn't that great. We also achieved becoming debt free, that is Awesome too. But living here for the last 6 months has afforded us a pretty decent savings account.....thanks mom and dad =) So We have decided to head back to Santa Cruz Ca. after this Semester is over in Mid June. So things are moving along well and The kids are getting bigger everyday. What more can I really say, I am still busy, busy, with I don't even know what, but it is wonderful.

Restless girls Road trippin in March. Just a little trip we took to Idaho to Visit our friends and family.