Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Just the happenings

Nick put in for his terminal leave today, Hope they will let us go when his contract is up. So I have been working really hard trying to get the house extra clean and get super organized so we can get this house on the market and sold. It would suck if we got out of the army then got stuck here in Texas because we couldn't get the place sold.
lets see what elts.....(think, think, think,) Cameron is getting sooooo big, She walks around the house saying words that rhyme. She'll say "cat, hat, bat" "mommy that rhymes" Its pretty cute. Who says TV is bad, PBS has some pretty good cartoons, not like some other ones. I was listening to one she was watching the other day while I was doing the dishes And I kept on hearing some character say "I hate you" I didn't even know the context it was being said in but quickly I realized I wasn't to keen on Cameron hearing something like that no matter how it was being said. you just cant trust those programs to young innocent minds, so I think I'll stick to PBS cartoons, I haven't heard anything bad on there yet
Rowan is really starting to talk quite a bit now to. She really picks up on things her sister says, which is one reason she says "Rolly polly" (in the cutest sounding baby voice EVER!) Cameron loves collecting Rolly pollys. Rowan loves cheese, if she sees me take out the cheese, she comes running and says "chee" "chee" begging me for a slice. And she really likes to let me know that "yeah" she wants something I have offered her. It amazes me how great she can communicate now, and if she can't really tell me what she wants, she will just take my hand and drag me to what she wants and nudges my hand towards it. They grow way to fast. I am lucky to be there mommy.