Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Still looking for the answers

Me and Cameron have been seeing a Psychologist for maybe 2 months now. When I first decided that It might be a good idea to see someone, I just thought I needed some advise on how I could help Cameron. To make it short, The main issue that she has, is that she is severely oppositional, and I don't mean that she is just a "difficult kid" as a lot of three year olds are, but it seems to go much deeper than that. I have read many parenting books and have tried many different recommended technique's, and it never! works for me. Cameron also has some strange behaviors I am concerned about.

So anyhow after about three sessions with this doctor we have been talking with, he has concluded that he really thinks she will eventually need some sort of medication, mainly to help her with her lack of impulse control. I am a little surprised, considering when I originally went in to this whole process I expected that I might get some magical parenting advise I hadn't yet thought of that would eventually make everything all better, I sure wish it was that easy. So for now It just seems to be a waiting game, since most doctors wont give kids medications until they are four. I am very reluctant to want to medicate Cameron, however if I come to a point where I think It would greatly benefit her, and make the quality of her life much better I might have to try it out. I really hate that I am even having to think about any of this. I only want her to be happy and loved, and grow up to be a good person.

As for now I will wait and see how she gets along socially as she gets older, and hope and pray that she can learn to reason a bit more. She may be my VERY difficult little child but she is also, very sweet and lovable. Hopefully all her strong willedness will serve her a great purpose when she gets older.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Out of batteries

So thats why my three year old doesn't come when called, apparently she is "out of batteries." And she conveniently "ran out" when I needed her to get dressed. So of course I had to change them, but shortly after, her arm "ran out" as I was trying to get it into it's sleeve, and then what do ya know, the other one runs out to. figures, I'm always running out of batteries.

Monday, November 10, 2008

One year later

Nick has been gone exactly one year now. Rowan was 3 months when he left and Cameron was a little over 2 and a half. He is supposed to be back some time this January, just in time for Cameron's 4th birthday. 15 months seemed like an eternity to be away from my husband, and the girls Daddy. I wondered how I was going to get through it, but some how the days, weeks, and months just seemed to slip by, sometimes with ease and sometimes with great difficulty. These days I sometimes feel a little antsy, and melancholy, feeling like my husband should be home already. But now I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and am very happy to say that it is almost over, and we can move forward with life. It all makes me very greatful to have such a wonderful loving husband to wait for. It has also given me much respect for all others who are waiting on there spouses, weather it be deployments, or just jobs that take them away from there family, as well as great sorrow for all those who's husbands or wifes will never return. I can only understand a fraction of that loss. I am praying these next two months fly by with ease and gods protection. It feels good to be preparing for our reunion now. We have lots of plans, that include, a late Christmas with Nick home, road trips to visit just about everyone, a wedding, and Disneyland. We are patiently waiting.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Just some tid bits

I will be giving all you faithful readers out there a Halloween blog soon, But I am waiting on pictures from a friends Camera since I forgot mine. But since I am a bit past due here, I will leave you all with some Random tid bits.

This cat decided it wanted to be part of our family about a week or so ago. I saw it lingering around the front of our house for a few days. One day while I had the garage open, getting ready to head to Walmart it slipped in our house, And we came home to a Cat in our house. Cameron was pretty excited. It was a little hard not to discourage it from hanging out because it was just the sweetest little kitty. Eventually it went elsewhere.

An update from Baby land:
Rowan loves to try and get herself dressed up (notice that the strap to my shirt is hanging over her ear, I just thought it was to cute.) She attempts shirts, pants, socks and shoes, and it doesn't make a difference who's clothing it is.

She is also really starting to catch on to sign language. She can sign: Milk, More, Food, and Hot. And she waves hello and goodbye. It seems as if she is doing something new almost everyday at this age.

And she also has a major sweet tooth, very much different than Cameron. She will suck a lollipop until every last bit is gone, and she squeals if she sees you with candy.

I finally got to indulge my creative side, (to Cameron's benefit) It really has been longing to break loose for quite some time. I decided to make her a crown. all original and hand made. Don't be surprised if your little one gets one for Christmas.