Saturday, October 31, 2009

My Bee colony

Thankfully my Little Bumble Bee's are peacefully tucked away in there bed since they were probably about to crash from there Halloween induced sugar rush. Not only did my girls both have Bumble bee's costumes but there cousin Amelia showed up in one and the dogs both escorted us in there best bee attire as well, and I might add that both those little Labradoodles were very proud to sport there stripes.
And, since I am way over excited to get a good deal on something I also must let you know that I only paid 20 dollars for both the girls costumes combined. Craigslist! gotta love it.
The only question I am asking myself at this point is do I just let the kids have a candy free for all tomorrow or do I dispense it at my discretion? hmmm I think I am leaning towards giving it all to them so we can just get it over with, Besides that's how we did it when we were kids.
As you view the beautiful picture of my Bee colony, notice that Cameron has a new hair do. We donated it to locks of love. I like the hair, she looks so grown up and cute with her Bob cut, but I think I liked her long hair a tad bit more. Her hair grows sooo fast, so before long I will be braiding it again.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

This is how it went

- We decided we really needed to leave Texas
- Hit the road on On September 21st (why did I remember what day...It was Nicks Birthday!!)
- Hauled a 24 foot moving truck (filled to the brim,) one car, one trailer with motorcycle, Mama, Daddy, two kids, and Grandpa for a helping hand.
- Spent three and a half days driving
- Arrived In Santa Cruz and was soooo happy to be breathing the beachy air again
- Stayed at our friends Kiley and Kims house for about a week and had tons of fun visiting
- Met up with the moving company that had moved some of our stuff from Texas and some how managed to squeeze it in our Uhaul
- Hit the road again headed for Portland
- Stopped in Central Point Oregon at our friends Kevin and Cherries for the night
- Arrived in Portland the next day
- Spent about 2 days unloading our uhaul into a storage unit, that I might add was 3 stories upward and down four long hall ways (don't get me started on that one!)
- And here we are as settled as can be in my parents house.

So there it is for you laid out as best I can remember minus the details. I think I can feel my eye twitching again just thinking of the stress I have endured over the past month or so. Its the wonderful game I call life, hehe. I am day dreaming of the day we will move into a place we plan on calling home for more years than I can count on one hand.

So If you are wondering what the future holds for us now, I will just say that it involves many text books, and minimum wage jobs. Yep, Nick is going to college in hopes of a degree in Civil Engineering. I might add that Moving to Oregon was only a plan hatched weeks before we arrived here. I'm Just grateful to be on the west coast, I think I'll stay here.....for now.