Friday, May 20, 2011


I Just overheard Cameron talking to herself in her room, and thought it was to cute not to write.
She says: God is in my heart, and up in heaven......INCREDIBLE! I just love how amazed kids get at the wonders of life, and how open minded they are. Sometimes I wish I still felt like a kids.

Sleepovers and wedding bells

Cameron after much anticipation got picked at school to be the "marvelous me" basically that means she got to show case 10 photos on the wall along with a questionnaire paper all about her. She also got to carry around a bad of Winnie the pooh characters, and a "stinky" the skunk hat then write in a journal about what her and her stuffed friends did that week.

Rowan had her first real official sleepover at her best friend Katelyn's. They are just to darn cute together!

 Rowan wore this newspaper bag on her head for about an hour and was telling everyone that she was getting married. Her smile is just so infectious. Cameron is almost through with Kindergarten! this is crazy to me, I cant believe how time just flys.