Thursday, November 19, 2009

Recipe for a clean room

first you must start by instructing your little one to clean there room.
then you must say "let the fun begin" and yes! you must say that first, or the whole recipe just might not come out right.
Start with the misplaced item and proclaim it's existence.
For example if it happens to be a favorite Doll that has lost it's place in the abyss of daily mess that has accumulated over the past week or so, you would say "Doll" "Doll" making sure to say it only twice and no less.
And here's where it gets exciting! then you say "Zoopity" then Say Doll again, only this time you will be adding a Z in place of the D so it will actually be Zoll. So when its all said and done in this case it would be "Doll, Doll Zoopity Zoll." And lastly, after you say the meaningless rhyme you must place the item in its rightful place. And there you have it. your child will have the cleanest room on the block.
Try this same Rhyming method to virtually anything you want your child to do, use your imagination and the possibilities are endless!

Note to reader: Be aware that this recipe does not guaranteed you a clean room, nor does it ensure that your child will be capable of preforming rhymes. And in some cases your your child just might completely hate the notion of Rhyming there way to a clean room, and think you are barbaric to even suggest it. Use at your own risk.

-Brought to you by Cameron Peterson (by way of her mom)-