Saturday, August 9, 2008

2 Days, 2 Babys, and 1750 miles later

So here I am in California again as I often am, 2 day, 2 baby and about 1750 miles later. I left at about 5:00 am on the 6th, stayed in Tucson, AZ that night after about 17 hours of driving and stopping for diapers and feeding of course. I left Tucson, AZ at about 5:00 am the 7th and Made it into Santa Cruz at about 8:30 pm, about 15 and a half hours later. Now that was some pretty good timing. The best part besides being able to visit my friends and family will be seeing Nick some time this coming week for his leave time. We are so excited! It's been 9 months since I and the girls have seen there Papa. We are anxiously awaiting a call or an email from Nick to get more precise details on his arrival time and date. you all may not hear from me much for the rest of the month because I'll be busy doing nothing at all except relaxing with Nick and the girls.

Sunday, August 3, 2008


What fun it is to open every drawer you find just because you can! and even more fun when you are playing "princess" with your sister.

Missing package update

Well this morning I just couldn't stop thinking about the troubling issue of my missing package, that still must be out "there" somewhere, when all at once it hit me like a ton of bricks.....well, maybe not a ton of bricks, but it came to me fairly quickly. I thought to myself, what if my package was actually placed in the parcel locker right next to the empty one it was supposed to be in. I was half dressed, but I had to go check immediately, So as quickly as I could I threw a shirt on and my flip flops and hurried out to the mailbox. Sure enough there was a package sitting there with my name on it. Hooray!! what a relief it was to know where my precious parcel package was. But to think it had been sitting there for 2 days completely unsecured in an open parcel locker, and all this anxiety and frustration could have been avoided. Well I guess we all make mistakes sometimes. I am preparing to leave to California this coming Wednesday and I am hoping that the mail situation stays peaceful.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

The unusual post man Part II

I finally caught a glimpse of my "unusual" post man. I had been pretty curious to know what he looked like ever since the visit to my neighborhood post office where I originally found out my post man was "unusual" He delivers the mail in his own small compact car. I cant remember the make now, but it reminded me of something like a Dodge Neon. I didn't get a close up look at him but from down the street about 3 houses away. I observed that he didn't wear the typical uniform I have customarily seen other post men wear. He simply wore white sneakers with tube socks pulled up fairly high, and long cargo type shorts, with a t-shirt. He was a black man and he wore a old looking straw hat something like the picture shown.

Mail has resumed pretty normally after the last hold on it back in may, aside from the occasional neighbors letter here and there, which I think Is pretty normal. Well last Friday I went to get my mail in our residential mailbox, and waiting for me was a key to the parcel locker which offers tenants a convenient way to receive packages. So I excitedly opened the locker to find that is was empty. Now that was pretty unusual. Why would the post man place the key to an empty parcel locker in my mailbox? was he irritated with me about something, and trying to get back at me? I wondered if there was actually even a package for me somewhere. I thought to myself that maybe there was a package for me and he gave me the key but forgot to leave the package. So I figured I would have a package waiting for me the following day, but nothing. Now that's a pretty cruel trick to play on someone. Everyone loves getting a package in the mail, and how unfulfilling it is to be led to believe there is something special waiting for you, and have your hopes dashed by a cold empty metal mailbox. I seem to have recovered fully from this latest incident, but I am not sure I am ready to forgive my very unusual post man.