Saturday, July 25, 2009

A great week

On Monday I drove to Houston and Picked my Cousins Osanna and Ivanna up from there Cousins House, She and her Husband happen to have 7 children! I think. So of course Cameron and Rowan had a blast playing there all day. My kids didn't have a problem, complaint or fight all day actually I rarely even saw them there because they kept so busy. I guess her well behaved children rubbed off on mine a bit, and It was just such an exciting fun place to be. So that evening we drove back up to Killeen and got stuck in an AWESOME thunder storm, accompanied by countless amounts amazing lightening strikes, and thunder, on the way up. The rest of the week was spent at my house in Killeen mostly just relaxing and eating good food and playing cribbage. Yay finally someone to play my favorite game with! And on Friday we drove to San Antonio and spent the day at the VERY VERY hot zoo, it was a great zoo though, just wish we were in spring weather. I still don't like the Texas heat here even after 3 years. I dropped Osanna and Ivanna off to stay with there other Cousin there and Headed back to Killeen later than evening. So I pretty much had a great week.
This is a train we took at the zoo. Cameron was smiling pretty much the whole way, and Rowan loved it to but wouldn't let Ivanna take her arms off of her. Me and Nick sat in the back with no kids. That doesn't happen often.

Monday, July 6, 2009

The 4th and other exciting things

We decided to park near the base to watch the firework display on the forth then decided to just go and have a peek on base, as we thought it might be to crowded for our liking, and it ended up not being as bad as we though, but what was even better was when we got there Dierks Bentley was playing live. That was a pleasant surprise. So we watched him on a horribly humid night, but it was worth it. Unfortunately my Camera battery died before we could even get one picture off.

On another note my house is officially on the market. I hope it sells quickly. I don't really want to have any attachments here in Killeen by the time we are ready to go. Check it out here.