Tuesday, January 11, 2011

still here

Well I guess, I've taken quite a hiatus here now haven't I. I really need to get back to this blog mainly because I am afraid I will forget all the cute an amazing things my babies are doing and learning because I. have the most forgetful mind EVER. They are growing soooo fast, I look back at pictures and cant believe how big they have grown. Cameron will be six in only 20 days!! she comes home from school and tells me things she is learning daily. So because art seems to be the favored past time around our house we signed Cameron up for an art class as a birthday present to her. She started her first class this past Saturday and she LOVED it so much. She draws great but she learned somethings that are new to her like shading and putting shapes together to make an object. The first day she walked away with a picture of a cat. Me and Nick were proud parents!

Its so cool to watch your kids excel at things. Speaking of excelling, Rowan is excelling at potty training. She is much slower to the whole process than Cameron was but she is really coming along. About 2 weeks ago I ran out of diapers and decided that I just wasn't going to buy anymore. That is when I realized her training was much more in my hands than hers. So I have had to train myself to remember to get her on the toilet regularly, and the more she goes on the toilet the more she remembers on her own, it really is an easy process, who would have thought. And she is dry most nights. I have learned to keep a water proof pad directly underneath her which makes for much easier clean up. So that is whats going on around here with the kids.

   As for me and Nick we are pretty much the same Nick is in between semesters and is continuing to work in the slow trucking business but fortunately his buddy is working him in the tree business the days he has no trucking. I am ever soooo grateful to have friends near by. All the work he has gotten is through friend connections he has here in Santa Cruz and it is really keeping us going!! And me...Well I am still running the kiddos around daily, feeding everyone and continually trying to tackle the laundry , my job seems to be all the details, and the details are many! so that is where my forgetfulness comes in, hehehe. As a matter of a fact I forgot my volunteer day at Cameron's school just yesterday, boy did I feel bad about that. So I will leave you with some pics of our Christmas, thank you to our friends and family for making Christmas special.

My brother came by for Christmas.:)