Friday, February 22, 2008

morning time

It usually starts out the same. Cameron wakes up sometimes before me and Rowan, and comes and peeks through the crack of the bedroom door as if she's doing something she's not supposed to do even though I always gladly invite her in as soon as I hear her breathing or whispering that she's either hungry or has gone poop in her diaper. We usually all snuggle for a bit and play in the covers, Rowan usually enjoys this very much. This morning Cameron told Rowan "I love you so much" what a sweet big sister she is. Shortly after I try and resists getting up Cameron will usually convince me to get up and change and feed her "very hungry" self. So I'm finally up. Rowan will play around on the living room floor while I make Cameron something to eat, all the while Cameron is continually asking me for something to eat, I usually have to remind her, "I'm working on it" " patience please" I think she thinks it will happen faster. so between making sure Cameron gets what she needs and feeding and changing Rowan I am lucky to get myself something to eat as well. They do start differently from time to time. You just never do know what the day will bring especially with babies, and mine seem to be very much the same yet vastly different.