Thursday, February 19, 2009

The story of my life.... continued

I know, I know its been quite a while since I have posted here, but My husband finally came home for good! so I have been a little pre-occupied. It has been so so so great to be a family again. So I am going to try and put every thing in a "nut shell" here so I can catch you up.

I had surgery the morning after Nick got home to fix a umbilicus hernia I had, it was a bit more painful than I expected but I was very grateful to get it over with. I expected Nick to be home a few day earlier so I didn't have to have him taking care of me and the kids directly after her got home but It turned out to be best that way anyhow because he only got three days off then had to go to reintegration classes daily after that for about 2 weeks.

Since Nick has come home, Rowan is over joyed to have him back, I pretty much don't exist anymore unless she wants milky from me, but that's alright with me. I have actually been able to leave her and go run errands.

Cameron had her 4th birthday about 2 weeks after papa got home, and it just so happened to land on super bowl Sunday, so we just went over to a friends house and watched the game, ate some food and sang to The birthday girl.

Me and Nick finally have dirt bike. We have wanted to start riding together for a little while, so when Nick was on leave back in August he bought me the little Suzuki 125 and we just got him the Kawasaki 450 once he got home. so We are very an anxious to be able to go ride them.

Note to reader- If they are not "street legal" bikes, police officers still don't care if you are "just taking a spin around the block" nor do they care if you only have a licence and not a motorcycle license.

Note to self- Leave dirt bike in Garage from now on unless I am in the dirt on private property =)

Grandpa and Milena just came out this last weekend for a visit and to watch the girls while me and Nick went to his squadron ball. We got to stay over night in Austin by ourselves, what a treat that was. It was the first time I had left Rowan over night and It went pretty well. I'm ready to do it again!